Amfori – BSCI

Nohro takes responsibility for our products being produced under right conditions.

Therefore, in 2016, we have joined FTA / BSCI.

While some of our products are manufactured in countries with a different than Danish working culture, we ought to secure the decent and reasonable working conditions for the factories employees that meet the country’s minimum requirements and applicable international rules.

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is an association of companies that work for human rights compliance and fundamental labor rights in daily CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Their primary goal is to improve working conditions in the global supply chain worldwide.

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Suntex is a member of this organization, as we want to demonstrate social responsibility by working strategically with responsible supplier management.

Code of Conduct

BSCI’s Code of Conduct (COC) is a set of rules that our factories must adhere to. That ensures that the workers are not exploited, and one can with a good conscience buy Nohro’s products, as they are manufactured under proper conditions.  

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BSCI’s and Nohro’s Code of Conduct is a code of practice for suppliers, containing following conditions for suppliers from the third world countries to follow:

Laws and rules

All national laws, ILO and UN conventions must be followed

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

Must be present, at least in a revised form, in countries where these rights are restricted by law.

Prohibition of Discrimination

Because of gender, religion, race, caste, disability, age, nationality, ethnicity, political opinion or sexual orientation.


Wages and overtime must at least comply with the statutory minimum wage or industry standards.

Working hours

All overtime must be voluntary and paid at the statutory rates. The maximum working hours in a single week must comply with national laws and must never exceed 48 hours. Moreover, the overtime must be a maximum of 12 hours per week. Within a week, there must be a day off, after six days of continuous work.


The workplace must be safe and have a good working environment. Violation of basic human rights is prohibited.

Child Labor

Prohibition of child labor, as defined by the ILO and the UN conventions and / or national legislation. Exploitation of children or dangerous working conditions to children’s health are prohibited.

Forced Labor

Prohibition of any form of forced labor, including withholding workers’ passports or papers. Moreover, the workers must be free to leave the workplace. Conditions of workers’ dormitories cannot violate basic human rights.

Environment and safety

Waste management, handling and disposal of chemicals and other hazardous substances, emissions and waste water treatment must at least comply with national legislation and respect for the environment.


There must be policies in place on subcontractors and their social responsibility, right of control, bribery and anti-corruption.

…Things that are certain to us in the western world

However, it is not a matter in every country, therefore we strive to do what is in our power to improve everyday lives of those affected by injustice.